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Welcome To Somewhere Over The Rainbow Land!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Land has been quietly evolving since about 2001.

While visiting the beautiful rainbow garden island of Kauai, Hawaii,

the book (and its wisdom) "Up To You!", was "handed" to me by the "ULU",

the "Unconditionally Loving Universe".

See that Smiley Sun on the cover of the book? That's a symbol for ULU.

It's Always Smiling and Saying...(read the book to find out more)...

And if you didn't already guess...

Yep! There's a rainbow inside!

And a whole lot more!

This website is dedicated to that gift of the book

 and to the DeLightful energy of ULU








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See the Rainbow?!

There's a Rainbow in there too!

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For Happiness and Self-Love Coaching

and more

with Pj Fay at Divine Light Services

Click Here 

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Pj Fay
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